Getting ready…

Every bride has questions what to do before the wedding, how to prepare…

So here are some frequently asked questions and answeres:

  1. What makeup product do you use?

    Most of my products are from MAC cosmetics.

  2. Do you have products for sensitive skin?

    I have few products from Clinique, however if there are products that you are used to and you know you don’t have any allergy to them, I encourage to bring them.
    However, even clients with allergies claim that they don’t have problems with MAC products so we can decide at the trial what would be the best for you.

  3. How do I take care of my skin before the wedding?

    As soon as you find out the date of your wedding, visit a cosmetologist. Start applying moisturizing masks, buy good moisturizing cream and drink a lot of water.  However, don’t experiment with new masks and creams 30 days before the wedding.
    If you fly to your wedding destination before the wedding, remember to bring with you a moisturizing mask that you have good experience with as well as the cream and again, don’t forget to drink a water.

  4. Can I do a chemical peeling before the wedding?

    I don’t recommend it. Your reaction can be good but it can be a disaster. Remember Samantha from Sex and The City when she went for a chemical peeling…? If you still want to do it, then at least 6 months before the wedding. I’ve seen stains visible even after 3 months. 

  5. Can you do my makeup and hairstyle without a trial?

    Yes, I can. I understand that not always there is enough time for the trial, especially if you travel from abroad. In this case, I would ask you to send me as much information as possible. E.g. your picture with loose hair so I have an idea what you look like and how long is your hair. I will also need a picture of the desired makeup and hairstyle to give me an idea what you want and to see if such hairstyle is suitable for your hair. However, we would discuss all the details via mail and on the wedding day I suggest to start a little earlier.

  6. When do I wash my hair? In the morning? In the evening?

    I recommend to wash your hair in the evening so your hair is completely dry and settled. If the hair is washed in the morning, it is likely to be very fine and and all the baby hair is sticking out which is not what we want. 
    However, if your hair gets easily greasy so that it is visible the next day, it’s better to wash it in the morning.
    If you require a blowdry, then your hair needs to be washed in the morning, of course. It’s always better to discuss it though. If you have a lot of hair, it can be washed a bit earlier, if your hair is thin, it can be washed just before I arrive.

  7. Shall I use any special products when washing my hair?

    If you are used to using a hair conditioner because your hair gets easily tangled, then use it. Otherwise just shampoo is ok.
    However, don’t use any treatment oils or creams when washing your hair the night or morning before the wedding, neither for the dry hair before the styling. The hair might get too fine and the hairstyle wouldn’t have to last.
    I use heat protective hairspray and I use argan oil to treat the hair tips.

  8. Do you provide extentions?

    I don’t provide extentions, however if you need them, I recommend Clip-in extentions made from human hair.

  9. Do you come to my place on the wedding day?

    I will come to your place both days – for the trial and on the wedding day so you don’t have to travel at all.

  10. Do you travel for weddings beyond Prague borders?

    Yes, I do 🙂

  11. Can you do a makeup and hair for the groom?

    Yes, I can. I do the makeup for the groom very light, almost invisible, and it looks very good on the pictures.  I recommend it especially if the groom has a problematic skin. The hairstyle is usually also very simple, a little bit of gel and hairspray…

  12. Did I not answer to any of your questions? Please contact me here and I will be happy to answer any additional questions 🙂

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