• It is hard to believe it was 4 months ago! Thank you again very much for your hard work that morning and for coming to our flat for the earlier trial. You helped to make the morning very relaxing for us all. My mum and Sonia were very pleased also and we all got lots of compliments on the day 🙂
    Jacinta K., Ireland 
  • Jitka did my make up at my Wedding as well as make up for the Mother of the Bride and one of my bridesmaids. Everything was taken into consideration from the style and colour of our dresses to the individual hair and skin types. On the day Jitka managed to keep us all calm and carried out her duties with the utmost professionalism. She was a pleasure to spend time with and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Her colleague Helena styled my hair along with the Mother of the Groom, Mother of the Bride and bridesmaid and I would highly recommend her also, the hairstyles were beautiful and again the professionalism and attention to detail was something else. Thanks Jitka & Helena for making me look so beautiful. Sincerely, S.
    Sandra J., U.K.
  • Just want to thank you for a fabulous job done on the 2 models, for the Thornton shoot.
    The hair and make-up was perfect and there have been a lot of very positive comments about it.
    You really know how to grasp the person in front of you and give them the right look, not only for the person, but also for the shooting job.
    Thanks a bunch.  
    Bridget Jones / Photobybridget    
  • We want to thank you so much for coming in that early hours to our hotel in Prague to make Elena the best bride:) She loved your work so much that she wasn’t ready to wash it off that day;) If you need any reccomendations please do not hesitate to refer to us and feel free to provide our email for anyone who wants to get a review.
    Elena and Igor G., Israel
  • What impressed me most was how thoroughly she does her job. I’d recommend Jitka as a makeup artist to everyone who wants to look absolutely gorgeous and sexy.
    Inka and Paul, Czech Rep./ U.S.A. 
  • Thank you very very much for your work. It was really excellent! I got a lot of compliments for make up and hair styling!! I wish you all the best and I’ll be happy to recommend you to everyone.
    Asya S., Israel 
  • Jitka did a wonderful job with my wedding make-up and the make-up for my 2 bridesmaids. She is a friendly and lovely person as well as a really good make-up artist. She made my big day even more perfect with the make-up that made me feel beautiful and sexy.
    Ann-Helen J., Norway 
  • We would like to thank you for doing such an astonishing job for all of us. Everything was very professional and yet very cozy. We are all were so pleased with the results.
    Thank you again!
    Sonya E., Israel 
  • The day of our wedding was the best day in my life & You took Your part in it also 🙂
    I want to thank You one more time for the work You’ve done!!!! It was really gorgeus and made me feel one of the prettiest women in the world and so happier!!!
    Maria M., Israel 
  • Many many thanks for yesterday. The make up and hair lasted to bedtime! The girls were very impressed!!
    Nina, U.K.
  • Thank you very much for your beautiful work and accuracy! I recommended you in one of the wedding forums in Israel. Thanks again.
    Katya, Israel 
  • I would like to say a huge thank you for the wonderful make up you did, I couldn’t havelooked any better – THANK YOU!  So many people said that the make up was flawless and said I should start wearing it!  I shall have to come back to see you!
    Katie, U.K.
  •  Jitka did my wedding make up two weeks ago, as well as for my mum and bridesmaids and she’s fantastic! Really professional, fun and perfect English. Would definitely recommend her!
    Ailsa-Jane, U.K. 
  • Stella and i would like to thank you for your great job yestersday. We really liked your make up.
  • Once again, it was our honour to invite you as Stella’s make up stylist!
    Stella and Andrew, Hong Kong
  • Thank you so much, you did a great job!
    Veronica, Argentina 
  • As always it was great to see you and work with you Jitka!!!!!
    Laural and Karl, U.S.A. 

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  1. We would like to thank you for your great job the day before yesterday. We really liked your make up.
    Wish you all the best .
    Yannes and Roy,HongKong.

    To se mi líbí

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